Among us

With the success of the game Among US, Arcanth brings this minigame to the server in an exclusive way. Detailed to look as close as possible to the original, replaying the same experience and gameplay. Join your crewmates in a game of teamwork and betrayal!

A game with up to 10 players, held in a spaceship, with 10 crew on board and 2 of them being imposters. Crewmates will need to stick together as they try to keep their ship stabilized and on task.

One crew member will be the Impostor. Your objective is to eliminate the rest of the crew. He will sabotage the ship, hide through the pipes, deceive and frame the innocent to remain anonymous and most importantly: try not to be ejected.

While everyone is repairing the ship, no one can speak to maintain anonymity. Once a body is reported, the surviving crew will openly debate who they assume the Impostor is. At that time, the Impostor must pretend he is a member of the crew and if he is not eliminated, everyone returns to the ship until another body is found. If the Impostor is eliminated, the crew wins!


Tasks are one of the Crewmates' main objectives during the game. If all Crewmates, including Ghosts, complete their tasks, they automatically win the game. Imposters don't have tasks, but they do have a list of tasks they can pretend to do.

The crew's tasks are:

■ Wiring

-- Cafeteria, Electrical, Laboratory, Office and Administration.

■ Scanning;
■ Laboratory;
■ Communications;
-- Data Transfer

■ Gas Inventory;

Fake Tasks

When assigned the role of imposter, a list of fake tasks will appear. This list is used to help the imposter "act" like a crewman, pretending to be performing tasks. Sometimes, fake tasks can be useless and can end up revealing the player's identity, for example, scanning the infirmary. Although, if visual tasks are turned off, they can be used to help the imposter act naturally. Fake tasks cannot be completed, nor do they need to be spoofed.

The fake tasks given to Imposters will also tell them all the common tasks given to Crewmates, thus decreasing the opportunity of getting caught for knowing this information beforehand. This can also be used to your advantage if you see a player doing a task that isn't on the list.

Phew! A very fun game and of course it's here on Arcanth. We hope you enjoy! Until next time.