Bed Wars is a minigame where strategy is the key to winning. You must protect the most precious thing on your island, the bed! While protecting it with blocks that can be exchanged for ores with the villager, seller of items, trace bridges to enemy bases, seeking to destroy their respective beds.

Players are divided into teams, depending on the chosen mode you can have 16 in a single match. It is necessary that the beds of all enemies be destroyed, that is, all those who are not part of of your team, which then must be killed, as they will no longer be able to respawn. Whoever survives last will be the big winner.

Your Island

You will have your own island, on it will be your bed, which you must protect at all costs. And also two villagers. A villager will be used to buy items, called the Item Shop. While the other will serve to exchange the ore of Diamond for upgrades to your team, called the Upgrade Shop.

Ore Generator

You will still have an ore generator on your island that generates two ores by default:




After increasing the power of this generator, these primordial ores will have their quantity and speed increased, when reaching the 3rd level of 'upgrade', emeralds will begin to appear in it, however, with an interval of longer time, because it is a more coveted ore. And reaching the last level the interval will be smaller, because your generator reaches the maximum level.


Near the bases there will be small floating islands, each containing a diamond generator, which is very important, as it is the only exchange ore accepted by the improvement villager. You will need to know during the game, spend the ores in a way wise, so you have more opportunities to achieve success at the end of the game.

Item Shop

The villager responsible for selling items, trades for the ores of iron, gold and emerald depending on the rarity and potency of the item. This store is divided into groups, follow: items, called Item Store. While the other will serve to exchange the ore of Diamond for upgrades to your team, called the Upgrade Shop.


Items that apply damage to the opponent during PvP.

Wooden Sword; - standard and permanent starting item.
Stone sword;
Iron sword;
Diamond sword;
Stick with Repulsion II.


Capable of destroying some block faster.

Stone Pickaxe (Efficiency I);
Iron Pickaxe (Efficiency I);
Diamond Pickaxe (Efficiency II);
Iron axe;
Diamond Ax (Efficiency I).


Player armor sales section.

Mesh Breastplate;
Breastplate of Iron;
Diamond Breastplate.


Assist in taking down opponents on bridges.

Bow with Strength I;
Bow with Strength III and Repulsion II;
12x Arrows.


Used to protect and create bridges and barriers.

Wool block;
Glass block;
Processed wood;
Stone of the end;


Increase in game attributes using potions.

Super Jump.


A match's special item category.

Pearl of the end;
Golden apple;
Iron Golem Egg;
Bucket of water.

The diamonds generated on the floating island near your base must be exchanged with that villager to promote improvements to your team, such as permanent Sharp Swords, Armor Protection, Mining Speed and even traps, that is, various attributes to protect your island as much as possible and win the game.

Sharp Swords;
The team will have the Sharpening I enchantment on all swords permanently. (No upgrade option)

Reinforced Armor
This improvement to the team, has 4 levels and activating it, all armors receive the Protection enchantment permanently.

The team will have Haste I enchantment at its first level, and Haste II at its second upgrade level permanently.

Ore Generator
As explained above, your island's generator has 4 levels and as you activate the improvements, its power increases along with the amount of ores generated.

Blindness, slowdown, and alarm to let you know that players are invading your island are some of our traps in Bed Wars.

A classic minigame, huh!? That's why it couldn't be missing here on the Arcanth Network.